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How to Start a Free Blog on Blogger

How to Start a Free Blog on Blogger Posted on September 12, 2017Leave a comment

Having a blog is great place of sharing your knowledge and experience of life with the world and if you are savvy you can earn a good money from your blog. Blogger has turned out to be one of the best goals on the web to begin a blog. There are a few explanations behind this. The first being that it’s a free blogging alternative, and that it’s additionally claimed by Google.

These two reasons in itself are all that anyone could need to influence somebody to need to begin blogging immediately. Be that as it may, there are a few drawbacks to making a blog on the Blogger stage too, for example, not having complete responsibility for content and what you can put on your website, alongside not having an expert space name as the URL for your blog.

There are many blogging stages which offer clients the capacity to make free online blogs. My proposal is you to begin blogging with or

When you make them blog involvement, you can progress and turn out to be more expert with a self-Hosted WordPress blog. BlogSpot enables you to make a free blog, however it has impediments. In any case, as I said above, for an amateur it is an extraordinary approach to figure out how to start a free blog on blogger or how to start a blog.

Why Blogger is a Good Platform for Beginning Bloggers

Blogger as of now has a large number of clients on their blog hosting stage. It’s anything but difficult to use, there is free to introduce and all you have to begin is having a Google account, which is something a great many people as of now have. An extraordinary greater part of clients on the Blogger stage are in countries like India, Africa and outside the United States.

The explanation behind this is most starting bloggers are searching for a free arrangement, and don’t have the forthright cash to put resources into a mutual web hosting plan. This is the reason Blogspot has turned into an incredible alternative for anybody hoping to begin with their first blog.

How To Start a Free Blog on Blogger
How To Start a Free Blog on Blogger

How To Start a Free Blog on Blogger

I’ve assembled this guide for you, to walk you through the procedure to setup your blog in couple of simple strides.

1. Sign Up to Create A Blog at

First of all open the home page and sign-in with the help of your Google account.

how to start a free blog on blogger

2. Create A Google Account

If you have your own Google account that’s good. If you don’t have Google account so, first make your account as like.

Create your Google Account

3. Sign-in With Google Account

After making the Google account, sign-in with the help of this account enter your username and password. After signing on the you will see this page as like.

Confirm Your Profile

4. Create A New Blog

Now click on the “Continue to Blogger” button. Now you will shift on next page. And click on “Create New Blog” button.

Create New Blog

5. Type Blog Title

Type your blog title that will perfect for your domain niche.

Type Blog Title

6. Type Your Blog URL

In this step you will type your blog URL.

Type Your Blog URL

7. Select Your Blog Theme

After selecting your blog title and blog URL, now you can select any of the best free themes or templates offered from Blogspot. After choosing the blog theme, you will click on “Create Blog” button below.

Select Your Blog Theme

8. Congratulation – Your New Blog is Active

Now your blog is live and ready for you to start create a new post.

Your New Blog is Active

9. Your Blog Dashboard Area

After clicking on the “Create Blog” button, you will see the your blog dashboard area where you can easily access all areas of your blog which contain on all of the settings, posts, stats and other useful features on the left side of the menu area.

If you want to more customization in your theme, layout, settings, pages etc so you can easily changed them. If you want to create your first post, just click on the “Create a new post”. link.

Dashboard Area

10. Create A New Post

When you ready to start writing content for your new blog post, click on the create a new post” link or click on the “New Post” button.

Create A New Post

11. Type Your Post Title

In this text box you will write your post title.

Type Your Post Title

12. Write Your Post Content

Here you will find two more options such as: compose and HTML.

Compose: Click on the compose button and write your content for your post in text editor.

HTML: If you want to work in HTML mode just click on the HTML button.

Write Your Post Content – how to start a free blog on blogger

If you want to work in compose mode then you will find other useful functions such as: fonts, header tags, text color, bold, italic, underline, add or remove link, insert image, insert a video and more.

Setting Your Post Content

13. Post Settings

Click on the post settings button. It is in the right corner. In this menu, you can enable Labels, Schedule, Permalink, and Location. With these options you can change settings as you like. When you made these changing just click on done button.

Post Settings

14. Click on The Save Button

If you want to save your work then click on save button. If you want to see your work will look like click on the Preview button. After all changing settings if you want live your post for your audience just click on Publish button.

Click on The Save Button

Blogspot makes it amazingly simple for anybody to begins with a free blog in minutes. Hopefully, you will like this detailed guide on how to start a free blog on blogger. If you have any problem about this topic so, without any hesitation you can easily contact with us via comment section below.

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