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Top 15 Best Rainmeter Themes for 2017

Top 15 Best Rainmeter Themes for 2017 Posted on September 21, 2017Leave a comment

Having an astounding look of Windows PC with amazing backdrops, skins and topics is something which everybody cherishes. So if you are truly that sort of fellow who needs to investigate and influence his Windows PC To backdrop look refreshed, than this is the article for you. We have gotten a portion of the Best Rainmeter Themes for Windows PC.

Rainmeter is one out of the best desktop customization devices accessible on the web that gives life and an alluring look to your desktop. With more than a great many topics and Rainmeter skins, you can style your desktop the way you need. It’s not just about giving another look to your desktop, yet additionally encourages you to give a gainful domain.

These Rainmeter skins or themes are getting more brilliant, and acknowledgment for this goes to the group working for Rainmeter. There are bunches of sources accessible over the web to download best Rainmeter Themes for desktop to get some cool and great skins and subjects as per your taste.

So in the event that you are prepared to customize and redo your desktop with the assistance of rainmeter backdrops, simply continue perusing the article. Before we give you the stunning and best rainmeter Themes and skins we might want our perusers to recognize what really rainmeter is and how to introduce rainmeter and its skins and formats effortlessly.

How to Install a Rainmeter Theme?

Presently you may be asking yourself that in what capacity will you introduce these Best Rainmeter Themes and skins to your desktop. Well that is really simple and I will direct you in a well ordered to introduce the Rainmeter instrument and every one of the skins and how you can redo them to make your desktop a live and stunning thing. We should get started.

  • Well as a matter of first importance you have to download the most recent form of Rainmeter apparatus from their official site.
  • After you download the product, please introduce it.
  • After the establishment is finished you can download the best Rainmeter Theme or skin for your desktop from beneath.
  • Right snap and concentrate the compress record and duplicate every one of the documents of the Rainmeter skin.
  • Glue every one of these records in skins organizer.
  • Restart the Rainmeter application and right tap on plate symbol to arrange and set the skin on the desktop.
  • Select “Config” and you will have the capacity to see the as of late downloaded Rainmeter skin.
  • Basically set it as desktop skin and you are finished. Presently you can undoubtedly alter it promote with the couple of choices accessible.

1. Rainmeter Battlefield 3

Rainmeter Battlefield 3

This is gaming theme in which you can locate the custom side bar on the correct side of the window. On that side bar, you can embed your most loved application or alternate route which you require dependably. Get custom clock and date gadget on the screen with live climate updates what not. Other than that, you can get to all the best alternate ways which you frequently require from the desktop screen as it were.

2. Windows 2019 Rainmeter Theme

Windows 2019 Rainmeter Theme

Prominent RainMeter theme will be Windows 2019. It gives one best symbol pack with the customization fast warning bar. Get news, nourishes, climate refreshes, Music control in a solitary screen as it were. The principle favorable position of utilizing this skin is that it gives you the correct plan to adorn your desktop screen and access get your applications in a fingertip.

3. Darkness Falls

Darkness Falls

This a night see skin with a dim view other than your interface. In the event that you generally like the dim interface in your PC screen then unquestionably you can go for this skin as it were. Beginning from the backdrop, gadget, symbols all that you can change into the dim mode as it were. Likewise get the moment on, off button in the underneath board with symbol warning and more.

4. Obsidian Rainmeter Theme

Obsidian Rainmeter Theme

Obsidian is a normally happening volcanic glass shaped as an extrusive molten rock.The name is gotten from this in light of the fact that the shade of that volcanic glass is sparkling dark so are the shade of the Widgets. To change over an extremely easy to use interface for getting to your PC at that point certainly go for Obsidian RainMeter skin.

It makes a stage like structure on the PC screen by masterminding the helpful symbols and gadgets on your primary screen. Extraordinary compared to other additional normal looks will you get while utilizing the Obsidian Rainmeter skin on your PC.

5. Blue Green Fresh

Blue Green Fresh

The perfect white background is featured with water and plants at the inside, which will in a flash bring you significant serenity, the minute you see it. It is one of the coolest Rainmeter subjects for Windows 10 that is by all accounts composed professionally so well. The desktop holds applications, diversions, programs, Music, essential notice, HD, CPU and RAM use, and so on. One of the intriguing parts is, you may even stow away and alter your essential notes on your skin.

6. Taboo-Vision


The astuteness of very differentiated highly contrasting Background is raised in this Rainmeter skin. It includes an automated young lady on one side of the desktop, who is hearing the music. This skin comprises of various applications, helpful updates, music tracks, date and time.

Further, it is bunched with different utilities, for example, Calendar, climate report, Recycle Bin, and so forth. As a matter of fact, Taboo is a gleaming dark regular volcanic glass, shaped from a molten shake. Subsequently, the skin is named after it, to show that the skin sparkles as well.

7. Pog Pack

Pog Pack

It is a refined type of the outstanding Rainmeter Cosmetal suite and has 10 distinct variations. You can change and take control of the looks of the skin. It furnishes you with numerous customization modules so you would setup be able to everything as you may like.

Simply have a look at it, there are absolutely 12 fundamental Pogs, out of which 8 are selected. The 8 Pogs are made accessible on the left and right sides, which astutely shows the climate screen, timetable, IPaddress, a few notices, framework status, and so forth.

8. Mass Effect

Mass Effect

If you are an aficionado of BioWare amusements then you beyond any doubt love this rainmeter skin. Mass Effect will influence you to feel like Commander Shepard. Every single distinctive module of this skin can be organized according to your decision. It demonstrates the hard plate, organize, media playback, time and date data all at one place.

This skin highlights different educational bars and squares, which makes it an executioner to the desktop interface. This rainmeter skin contains every one of the modules in one spinning center. This resembles a future PC machine.

9. Amazing Rainmeter Desktop

Amazing Rainmeter Desktop

Get the universe impact on your present desktop screen by supplanting the old screen now. So download and apply this my rain meter desktop on your Windows PC. The universe is comprises of different planets, stars, sun, moon and so forth.

Out and out the entire universe content you can get the opportunity to apply for changing the visual impacts of your PC. Other than that, you can change or redo the screen symbols, gadgets, player, and so on. Through a solitary Rainmeter skin as it were. This one is completely in light of Windows idea which will influence your desktop to look stunning.

10. Horde for Rainmeter

Horde for Rainmeter

Horde is a straightforward great topic to beautify your PC interface. There is nothing additional common in this skin pack. Those clients who need a straightforward exemplary style see on their PC then they can go for this Rainmeter skin. This topic has a speedy application propelling element with easy to use interfaces.

The straightforward altering highlight is likewise accessible in this skin pack as it were. Change the style of your clock, date, climate gadgets through this skin pack as it were. This is Best Rainmeter Themes created for Windows highlighting astounding scene which adds excellence to your desktop. To make this great skin engineer utilized diverse mainstream applications.

11. Neon Space Rainmeter

Best Rainmeter Themes
Neon Space Rainmeter

From the name of the Skin may you become acquainted with that this topic will give the universe and space-related visual impact on your screen. This is an exceptionally cool and delightful skin which gives you the best look while you watch your screen oblivious or in the evening time particularly.

The impacts which are given by this subject truly feels like you are in a space as it were. Counting the foundation, symbol, organizer style, gadget style, clock, climate and so on additionally get changed into the space style as it were.

12. Switchin for Rainmeter

Switchin for Rainmeter

This is additionally a sort of great topic with basic and best client see interfaces. Introduce it on your PC and utilize the best execution give by this skin. Clients who need to get the basic style for an easy to understand look and utilize it serenely then go for this subject unquestionably.

Here you will get one whitish tweak undertaking bar on the highest point of your screen from where you can see your errands in a split second. This bar likewise demonstrates the present warning of battery, WiFi, on off and so forth in one place.

13. Eker Lina Rainmeter Theme

Eker Lina Rainmeter Theme

The greenish impact of this beautiful theme is astonishing. The gadgets which you will get on the screen is completely customization. The exceptional dark shade of the gadget gives an extremely pleasant look when you apply some light shading backdrop in the back ground. The primary component is that you can time, live climate, CPU status and so forth on one screen. You can likewise change or alter the shading and mix of the gadgets with your experience too.

14. MoonGlow


Get an excellent regular impact on your PC screen with this beautiful theme and background is cool to the point that all the on screen gadgets looks extremely alluring while you utilize this rainmeter skin. You can get the external temperature gadget, climate condition, date, time and so on, in a live notice framework.

Spare your most loved notes on the fundamental screen with the goal that you can get to it effectively. Moon Glow is another great rainmeter skin that causes you to modify screen. This skin can be utilized to dispatch your most loved applications, see nearby time, and control your interactive media player.

15. Razor Best Rainmeter Themes

Best Rainmeter Themes
Razor Best Rainmeter Themes

If you need to require a straightforward clear desktop with a customization live view at that point go for razor Rainmeter skin. The perfectly clear screen gives you a new look which you utilize your PC whenever in any state of mind. Get the best view dock with time and date and furthermore get the status of your PC right away.

All the default windows symbols will get changed into another look and accordingly you feel more good while utilizing your System. In case you’re are seeking Rainmeter skins in inclination style Background then you can go for Razor. It likewise has extra skin bundle out of which each of them is autonomous of dynamic situation.

For every one of the Windows clients we have given all the download connections of each theme with the Rainmeter programming to introduce on your PC. Expectation all of you are happy with the substance which we have talked about above best rainmeter themes.

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