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15 Best Blog Examples for Inspiration 2017

15 Best Blog Examples for Inspiration 2017 Posted on September 14, 2017Leave a comment

If you’re considering beginning your own special blog, yet simply haven’t the faintest idea on what to blog about, at that point fear not! If not, it should. Not exclusively will your blogging produce more ordered pages and open doors for you to get found, yet explore appears, you can win 67% a greater number of leads than the individuals who aren’t blogging too.

Regardless of whether you’ve been reliably blogging regular for the most recent decade, once every week, or you’ve settled on the choice to begin it’s imperative to make a group where your gathering of people needs to continue returning for additional.

A blog is not just about exhibiting your item or offering, yet rather seeking to be an intensive asset for the general population in your industry. To do that, here are 15 Best Blog Examples that have just accomplished that.

Every case recorded in this blog entry are for the most part extraordinary somehow and all convey something one of a kind to their readers and subscribers. I need to demonstrate to you what is conceivable and how you can take motivation from them and make your very own wonderful blog.

1. Fubiz


Fubiz, a art and configuration blog, is a case of a truly smooth plan that additionally incorporates some cool personalization. Close to the highest point of the blog’s landing page, perusers can side-look through “featured” posts.

Beneath that is the Creativity Finder, where guests can choose their picked personas from “Art Lover” to “Independent” area, and the sort of substance they’re searching for. From that point, perusers can peruse content particularly took into account them.

We can’t resist the urge to love the header picture, as well. It utilizes something many refer to as blue personality brain science, which has discovered that seeing untamed water can normally attract us. By utilizing it in an outline conspire, Fubiz can outwardly draw in guests to its substance.

2. Design Milk

Design Milk

Design Milk is an online contemporary outline outlet, utilizes an exceptionally basic design to feature its posts. The sidebar to the correct which stays obvious when a blog entry is opened to peruse is ideal for exhibiting thumbnail pictures for new articles.

That is an inside connection methodology, which urges perusers to stay on the site longer. The social symbols at the best are a wonderful expansion to the general look and feel of the site, they’re anything but difficult to spot, and make it simple to share Design Milk’s substance.

3. Help Scout

Help Scout

Sometimes, the best blog examples are likewise the most straightforward. Help Scout, producers of client benefit programming, utilizes an extraordinary however moderate plan on its blog that we adore it restricts the utilization of duplicate and visuals and grasps negative space.

What we especially like about this blog is its utilization of included pictures for all posts, including a standard one at the best that features a current or especially prominent section.

These symbols are set before splendid, piece hues that get the perusers’ attention and flag what really matters to the post. What’s more, it works everything about this current blog’s plan says perfect and decipherable.

4. Skint Dad

Skint Dad

Skint Dad is a site that helps youthful, new fathers spare cash and be more thrifty in their everyday living. There’s additionally a segment on their that demonstrates to folks generally accepted methods to influence somewhat more money over their month to month day to work wage, which is fundamental at times just to keep your head above water.

A great deal of new fathers have the additional worry of not having their spouses’ or lady friends wage coming in every month, because of the brief vocation change in being a full time mum of a child. So having some substance around how they can make a couple of additional Ps in their wallet every month, can facilitate the weight to some degree.

5. Miss Thrifty

Miss Thrifty

Miss Thrifty is focusing on youthful mums with her cash sparing, economical tips and articles. Furthermore, which is all well and good! The market is enormous and she’s addressing a requirement for this sort of data. Youthful mums aren’t precisely coming in real money.

They may have needed to surrender work and are presently depending on only one wage coming in, so the should be more cheap with regular living is an unquestionable requirement. The considerable thing about this blog is the conversational tone and the genuine individual behind the brand.

I believe it’s moving to different mums to see somebody like them having such an effect in other individuals’ lives by making incredibly valuable substance that is 100% significant. Additionally it might motivate mums to set up their own particular blog and to expound on their encounters as a mother and a spouse in the 21st century.

6. KnowTechie


KnowTechie is a blog for individuals who adore tech, yet live outside the air pocket. It’s for the peruser who is occupied with innovation however doesn’t really live and inhale it. Knowtechie is an awesome case of a site that began as a leisure activity yet has quick turned into a business.

I like the edge they have too. KnowTechie is a blog for individuals who adore tech, yet live outside the air pocket. This is so invigorating, in light of the fact that such huge numbers of tech writes out there are a bit excessively specialized and full, making it impossible to the overflow of language. It’s pleasant to see a tech blog that has brought down the passage level to tech news.

7. MyWifeQuitHerJob


An extraordinary site, which is exceptionally valuable and motivational for individuals needing to change their 9 to 5 lives for something that will enable them to carry on a little and invest more energy with the family.

The site is truly straightforward, and something you could manufacture yourself on WordPress in a matter of day, yet the substance is the place this site exceeds expectations. Podcasts, devices, instructional exercises and blog entries that objective a particular specialty is the place this person profits.

His podcasts are truly well known and when you have content that gets a considerable measure of ears and eyes to it, at that point so will the promoting wage. It’s the same with composed substance.

If you have a mainstream page that get’s a huge number of perspectives a month, at that point possibly you can offer advertisement space on those pages for several dollars every month, if not more.

8. Buffer


Nowadays, online networking sites have turned out to be fundamental to wast lion’s share of all shapes and sizes organizations. In spite of the fact that they give you a chance to achieve an ever increasing number of individuals with each new post or remark, these systems require your complete consideration keeping in mind the end goal to boost your speculation.

A plan component they’ve included is different page formats for their substance. A blog isn’t one size fits all. Contingent upon the kind of post, the plan design enables them to recount stories all the more adequately through the assistance of two diverse article groups.

Their making content versatile to fill distinctive needs. The two designs incorporate tool compartment articles adapted to help tip articles and magazine articles full-width foundation photograph utilized for publication lead posts.

9. Neil Patel

Best Blog Examples
Neil Patel

Anybody in inbound promoting knows Neil Patel has an extraordinary blog! Through convincing pictures, intriguing substance, and smart call-to-activities, Neil has made an awesome showing with regards to of making an incredible blog and asset for those in inbound advertising.

To be viewed as a specialist in your industry, you content needs to mirror that and be provocative and learned instruct others. Bear in mind to make your blog individual, you need to have the capacity to make an association with your perusers, and additionally expound on points your perusers will be keen on.

10. Roam Magazine

Roam Magazine

Roam is an imaginative outlet for voyagers, journalists and picture takers: to move perusers to make and catch through words and photos; to enterprise and investigate Mother Nature’s rich scenes; to convey and comprehend the huge assortment of societies that make the world so different, intriguing and wonderful.

The new online travel magazine from travel picture taker Annapurna Mellor and her author sister Athena has propelled outings to a little-went by town in Egypt on the fringe of Libya, an outdoors clothing in the ghettos of Mumbai, and the roads of a commonplace town in Western Russia.

The photography is continually stunning, the written work is savvy and considered, and each story is an excellent depiction of the goal, celebrating intriguing voyagers and their adventures over the world.

11. A Cup of Jo

A Cup of Jo

A Cup of Jo is a New York-based way of life, mold, outline, and child rearing website by Joanna Goddard. Her blend of substance influences go to feel casual and easy. City guides are composed by local people and feel like cozy neighborhood representations, loaded with can’t-miss shops, eateries, and exercises.

Other travel-related posts give commonsense tips to everything from flying with an infant to how to pick a wedding trip goal. In the blend are Joanna’s own appearance, similar to pictures from family excursions to Palm Springs and England, and her two children even have their own one of a kind manual for NYC on the blog.

The blog has developed to cover form, magnificence, outline, nourishment, travel, connections, parenthood and way of life and at present gets 5.5 million month to month site hits and roughly 1 million month to month exceptional guests.

12. Tesco Living – Best Blog Examples

Tesco Living

We cherish the bright, steady outline of Tesco Living, the blog website of British basic supply chain Tesco. Keep in mind how we continue harping endlessly at mark consistency? Look at the rhombus-like plans in the best standard that mirrors similar ones that show up in Tesco’s logo.

What Tesco Living has accomplished is an incredible adjust of effortlessness and intensity. The design is to a great degree insignificant, however it isn’t dull. Warm and inviting shades underscore each substance class, and the photographs include dashes of hues all through the site.

It’s an incredible case of how the correct symbolism can accomplish an engaging toning it down would be best appearance, particularly if that fits in with your general image idea.

13. Johnny Cupcakes

Johnny Cupcakes – Best Blog Examples

To clear up any perplexity, Johnny Cupcakes doesn’t really make cupcakes. It makes garments. In any case, the organization has made an extraordinary showing with regards to of playing up its image’s relationship with prepared merchandise its blog utilizes the sub-area kitchen.

In addition, the people at Johnny Cupcakes know some things about brand consistency crosswise over channels. Its blog’s straightforward shading plan and coordinating text styles help to make a brought together client encounter from the shop to general substance, at the same time tossing in strong, brilliant pictures to get perusers’ consideration.

Likewise, visit the site and have a parchment we believe it’s quite cool how the foundation pictures shift, however remain positional static for every section. The garments line utilizes cupcakes as the noticeable plan theme of its stock, frequently supplanting notable images with cupcakes. The brand’s emblem is a skull and crossbones, with a cupcake outline supplanting the skull.

14. I Am A Food Blog

I Am A Food Blog

Another food blogger who completely comprehends the energy of value content and a learning of how to adapt a site. Stephanie Le’s sustenance blog is basic in plan and in content frame. The stuff she posts is 100% significant.

Every one of the formulas can be produced using home and she carries the substance buzzing with astounding, great nourishment photography. She gives it an individual touch by including a touch of analysis and foundation to the photographs.

This is an awesome case of an extraordinary sustenance specialty blog. Consider what she’s doing great and observe. Mouth watering photographs, spotless and straightforward topic design, very much organized and styled formula pages, fantastic written work, conversational tone, and relatable back stories to each post.

15. Think with Google

Think with Google – best blog examples

Digital development keeps on driving the promoting business forward, and the pace is awe-inspiring. As advertisers, we depend on information, examination, and bits of knowledge to remain educated and motivated. Think with Google is our approach to impart the greater part of this and more to you.

Google needs to enable you to put their examination and knowledge behind your reasoning. With a Mashable sort format and stream to their blog, you’ll make sure to discover accommodating substance effortlessly and without bobbling.

An intriguing component they actualized inside their blog is the capacity to download an article. Try not to have sufficient energy to peruse an article now? Or, then again you need to impart it to colleagues? It’s as simple as downloading a PDF form and sending it along.

Here you will discover the information we’re investigating and the patterns we’re following alongside forward-looking points of view and off camera takes a gander at computerized battles crosswise over ventures, stages, and gatherings of people.

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